Poole Plumbing Services can provide you with the bathroom you’ve always wanted, we undertake all plumbing and heating works to the highest standards and can also finish the service by providing the best tradesmen to complete the job, such as tilers, plasterers and electricians.

There are many choices to be made when planning your dream bathroom, our installers can provide you with valuable knowledge and information you’ll need to consider and with their experience and know how, we will be able to guide you as to what is possible within the bathroom and to brands that meet your needs, our suppliers can supply whatever you desire.

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Basins and Taps

Basins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Different styles available, for example, are classic style where a pedestal is used for support and to conceal pipe work, a semi pedestal were the basin is hung of the wall and the semi pedestal conceals the pipe work. The free standing look, where the basin is hung on the wall and pipe work is on show with chrome or coloured pipe work. The built in look where the basin is built into the cabinet allowing for storage space. Basins also come with vast choices of tap and waste options, single tap hole, double tap hole, no tap holes with wall mounted taps, push button wastes, there are too many to list and again the choice is yours. At Poole Plumbing Services we offer free advice when quoting so to arrange a viewing see the contact page.

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There’s nothing better than a relaxing bath after a busy day, but of course a bath can be used with a shower so separate glass panels or shower curtains are available if space is tight. Baths come in a variety of sizes shapes and materials. Examples of different types are corner bath, drop in, free standing and double ended. Again there are many different options for everything including the taps which could be in the wall, out of the bath or from the overflow the choice really is huge, for more advice please contact us we will be happy to help.

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Showers/Wet Rooms

A good shower is essential in any bathroom, there are many sizes available, usually square, rectangular or a quadrant shape (curved) or a wet room layout, with a selection of different enclosure options, such as walk in, sliding, bi-fold or pivoted. Also there are multiple options for shower valves and accessories, exposed shower valve, concealed valves, electric, electrical boosted (power shower), pumped, body jets, fixed and un fixed shower heads, riser rails etc. These options differ depending on what existing system is already installed. Whatever your preferences are, Poole Plumbing Services can provide, install, recommend and advise on your entire shower needs. Call to arrange a free quotation for your customised shower/wet room.

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Poole Plumbing Services provides a complete kitchen installation service. We can plumb all your appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, not forgetting the kitchen sink! We also supply waste disposal units and water softeners.

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